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was really great I'm glad I had some time to get away from home for once.

Seeing Lindsay was really important, I really didn't want to leave :( but I'll probably just go and see her again pretty soon.

Spending time with peacocks was good, especially ones I havent seen in a realy long time like Tom Ortiz, I miss him so much! I just wish I had seen more of you.

I actually got to see a lot of shows for once! I usually never get to see that many, but this weekend was a huge record for me; The Drowsy Chaperone(front and center seats!!!!!), Hairspray, Lestat(dont kill me, but I absolutely loved it and I cried my eyes out!) PLUS Jim Stanek who played Louis stayed and talked to us for Two Hours after the show, he even walked us back to our hotel and proceeded to talk to us even longer! He gave us all kinds of advice about the business and college, especially. nicest person ever!, and lastly we saw Sweeney Todd, which as always was great. I actually got to see Michael and Patti after though so that was cool. Michael had the cutest dog with him though, that was soo sad because he was shaking he was so scared of everyone! But he was adorbale because he was named Sweeney. lol. And also- Jeff Goldblum was there! The guy from Jurassic Park and The Fly, it was soooo weird! He was just like walkin around.. and he's huge! he must be like 6'5!

But anyway, so that was my weekend

It's cool to come home and see how much the leaves and flowers have bloomed since I left. I'm glad it's finally spring.

Oh p.s. My painting is number one for the week on the art site i post to!
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I've been in such a weird mood lately. Like, it's a really good one but I just feel really different.

Easter was really fun, especially the whole weekend of it because I spent it all with my brother and we watched movies together and played video games. It was especially fun b/c it was my game we were playing and I had to teach him instead of him kicking my ass and yelling at me for not knowing what i was doing ;) I was really sad when he left tho :(

Then today I woke up really early b/c my cousin was in town and she wanted to come over before she left and basically we had nothing to do and we didnt have a car so we watched 4 movies! Underworld, Constantine, Gypsy, and Mean Girls. I'd never seen Gypsy in any form before so that was really good, I really liked it!

Then later me and my mom went out and I bought a shitload of prismacolor colored pencils, a new straightener because mine was soooo broken, and some shoes.

Also, I've been watching Carnivale, and it's so good! I'm just dreading getting to the end of the second season and having a bunch of unanswered questions.
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V for Vendetta icons

Icons whaaat??? Yeah I thought I should get back into the roll of things so I made some V icons.


- Comment before taking
- Please credit in keyword
(Rules do not apply to Peacocks)

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Today was amazing!

I feel so productive!

So first off-- I got a shitload of homework done. Like massive. I read all of Macbeth too. Which was really good because I had never read it before.
I was completely off with this play. I really knew absolutely NOTHING about it except that it had witches and it's bad luck to say the name in a theatre.
For one-- Macbeth is not a woman. I didn't know that. (I always got confused because people would mention Lady Macbeth and I thought they were the same person)
Also-- there's nobody named Cordelia in it. For some reason I thought there was. I don't know about that one.
And lastly-- I thought the witches would have a lot more to do with it because to be honest I had no idea about any of that stuff with the prophecy and whatnot. Yeah..good to know.

Anyway, I also got my new computer! It's soooo pretty. I'm going to have a really hard time finding desktops though because it's so massive.

Then, I went to a college fair at Pinkerton. It was completely useless actually but it's good that I went anyway. Plus, I needed someone to go with me so I took my friend Joe! I haven't seen him in so long! (Some of you know him from the historically amazing sleepover at my house at Halloween featuring Suspiria)

So after the totally lame fair, we stopped at our friend Lindsay's house but she wasn't home :( so we went to Joe's house and I saw his mom who i love! Then we came back here and we helped eachother work on some stuff for our portfolios which was reeeeaaallly nice seeing as I am in a huge rut and haven't taken a class in over a year and pretty much suck.

Overall, amazing day!
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I heart HD

it's amazing! I was so happy they played HP POA today on HBO so I got to watch it in high def! (its soo cool)

I feel silly b/c I just got the whole "You have Lily's eyes"-thing. That's funny. I love being a theatre kid.

Lost was lame tonight.

O.C. tomorrow <3333
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Rachel's right

itunes is weird sometimes and doesn't have random popular things on it. *shrugs*

Life's been good! I might've decided what I'm doing this summer, hm..

Veronica Mars was weird tonight. Did anything happen? I think I missed something.

I saw Constantine again last night. Is it sad that I like that movie??...a lot? haha
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Dear Lost,

You are insane. And umm way to completely rip off Buffy?? Seriously.

And also, I'd like to thank Veronica Mars for giving us that last bit with Logan and Veronica dancing. It was much appreciated.

You're very confused friend,

- Steph

p.s. while watching 8 Mile on VH1 today, i decided my brother looks ridiculously like Eminem. It's like uncanny. My mom thought so too.
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I agree with Jacqui, i think this week is going by ridiculously slow. It really feels like thursday.

We basically got the dressing rooms done today! yay! If you see them, thank Tim and his mom for buying us brand new light bulbs.

Thanks to everyone who helped out! It's been a blast!
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I layered my hair. It's very Marissa :)

I also went to Peacock to help paint the dressing rooms which was some fun times.

The TokiDoki company is cute, you should all check it out.
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I'm so gross, I had an on-going nightmare last night so I'm wicked sweaty and nasty now. I dono, I dreamt an evil possesed doll similar to chucky was trying to kill me and a bunch of people I knew. I kept trying to kill him but he would always come back. Finally, he killed ME, and then I was a ZOMBIE, and at the time I was like, "Sweet! Now I can't die! Take that bitch!" but it was really gross, because I kept throwing up this gross stuff like in the exorcist(.. kinda) because I was dead? It was more like Mischa Barton in the Sixth Sense. It was creepy.

But then that ended and the possesed dolls and I were pals b/c we couldnt kill eachother anymore, along with the guy that played Ben in Carnivale, and he was also a zombie, so he was my boyfriend! So I guess it ended well? haha I dono. TIm and Joan were there too but not for very long.

Well that's another weird, f*cked up dream of mine! On another note..

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